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Fatherless is a collaborative print posse from the midwestern United States. Our works are the result of 5 individual artists working cohesively with each other’s artwork. Described as a visual mix-tape of shenagination, we combine our cultural influences in ways that finished works are not only unique to our collaboration, but unique among the editions of hand-screened prints as well; we make certain no two prints are ever the same.


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Started as venture between Corey Hagberg, Jarrod Hennis, Javier Jimenez, and Greg Lang in the Spring of 2010, we began to plan seasonal shows in which we created screen prints together – live, during the event. When the idea came about to feature a guest artist for a series, we chose a local artist and instructor of printmaking to work with, and it was a natural fit. Dave Menard became a full time member following that show.

Influences are many and certainly captured by what we have coined as a "Rust Belt Power Pop" aesthetic. Our finished pieces aim to mirror the chaotic and detached sense that is communicated in our current consumer driven social climate. A good portion of our imagery is re-contextualized from our current throw away culture to create a finished piece.

The name was decided upon based on the notion that each member, although responsible for bringing individual styles and influences to the table, will work on each and every print made. It's a process that involves working independently with each other's images. All prints have been worked on at some point by each artist in the group. We are not 5 artists that work "under" the name of Fatherless… a Fatherless print is made by 5 artists.

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Inquiries about exhibits or commission work can be sent to info@wearefatherless.com

You can also find us and see more works at Rockford Art Deli (R.A.D.) in downtown Rockford, Illinois.

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Fatherless is proud to be included in People Of Print's new publication, "People Of Print", featuring the work of more than forty-five of the hottest designers, illustrators, and collectives currently committed to the tactility, materiality, and visible craft of print, alongside the gallerists and promoters who are key figures in this creative scene.

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