Fatherless Print Posse is a Rockford, Illinois based artistic collaboration between Javier Jimenez, Greg Lang, David Menard, Ben Rider (U.K.). Since 2010 Fatherless has been known for a variety of large-scale graphics that use appropriated and manipulated imagery to explore socially conscious ideas through printmaking, painting, collage and installation. Their work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is held in many public and private collections.


Fatherless has consistently pushed forward with a counter-intuitive approach to not just screen printing, but artist collaboration as well. Members of Fatherless operate as a unit collaborating freely with each other’s ideas and imagery. This process does not reveal any individual artist or “father” but rather an amalgam of the whole. Each piece is a one off monoprint that will never be repeated. The collective power of the individuals allows for a wide range of ambitious projects that satirizes what they see as “our consumer driven, media saturated, disposable culture.”